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Air Engines by James Eckert

Pneumatic Engine Plans based on my concept of a combination Piston-Valve design and other air flow control methods.

Note: Plans are provided as a downloadable PDF files.
Whenever possible my plans are designed to be attached directly to the material you are working on.

All purchased plans are downloadable from once your purchase is complete. Simply Login and click "Member Area / Downloads".
If you any issues please Contact Us

Air Boat

Bottle Boat Test Platform

Plans for a compressed air bottle boat intended for testing of air engines. This 14 page set of Scoll Saw plans include Boat Platform, Air Hookup and Air Mount, 2 Props, Prop/Rudder Assembly, Cardan shaft/Universal Joint, Mount for Pentabello engine.Engine Plans sold separately
Primary Tools:Scroll Saw, Drill Press

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Mini Radial Air Engine Front

Mini Radial Air Engine

This small pneumatic engine is built on the piston valve design most of my other air engine use only smaller sharing a piston diameter with the Mini V8. Because of the radial configuration it is easier to build then the V8 but still difficult compared to the larger engines.

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 	Pentabellow Rotary Air Engine 1

Pentabellow Rotary Air Engine

This odd bellows driven rotary engine is one of a kind. Inspired by early aircraft rotary engines. The entire engine rotates around a central shaft. I love this engine for is uniqueness.
Primary Tools:Scroll Saw, Drill Press

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Mini V8 front top

Mini V8 Air Engine

Mini V8 Air Engine. This ultra small V8 engine is a challenge to build because of its size. But the satisfaction is that much greater when you get it running.
Primary Tools:Scroll Saw, Drill Press

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Bellows 1

Pneumatic Power System 1

Plans for the first version of my bellows and air rectifier, used for demonstration of my air engines.

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Inline 4 Air Engine

Inline 4 Cylinder Air Engine

The Inline 4 Cylinder Pneumatic Engine. These plans use the same Piston-Valve design as my Radial air Engine in a different layout. The inline 4 could be doubled for a V8 configuration.
Primary Tools: Band Saw, Scroll Saw, Drill Press

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Radial Air Engine 1

Radial Air Engine

Radial Pneumatic Engine that runs on pressure, vacuum or both. These are the plans for the model engine in my YouTube Video "Rotary Air Engine" or "The Simplified Pneumatic Engine and Power System".
Primary Tools: Band Saw, Scroll Saw, Drill Press

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