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Stirling Engines by James Eckert

Stirling Engines plans

Note: Plans are provided as a downloadable PDF files.
Whenever possible my plans are designed to be attached directly to the material you are working on.

All purchased plans are downloadable from once your purchase is complete. Simply Login and click "Member Area / Downloads".
If you any issues please Contact Us

Christmas Engine 1

Coffee Mug or Christmas Engine

This Christmas themed coffee cup Stirling Engine is whimsical and fun to build. Less skill is required to build this engine than most of my other engines.To make it without rescaling the plans requires a Coffee Mug with straight sides and top inner diameter of about 3".
Primary Tools:Scroll Saw, Drill Press

See Video!

Copper Top Engine

Copper Top Engine

The Copper Top Stirling Engine. This is both my simplest and my fastest Stirling engine.
Primary Tools:Scroll Saw, Drill Press , Scissors

See Video!

Beer Bottle Engine

Beer Bottle Engine

The Original Beer Bottle Engine. This Stirling engine has running on my wood stove every winter since 2010. This Designs draw back is it utilizes an old computer heat sink not everyone will have a substitute for.
Primary Tools:Scroll Saw, Drill Press , Bottle Cutter, Scissors

See Video!

Beer Bottle 2 Engine

Beer Bottle Engine 2

Beer Bottle 2 Stirling Engine. In this design I merged several proven techniques from earlier designs with some new approaches, to create a very reliable engine. The main new approaches are a wooden support structure, wood air channels and bellows drive system.
Primary Tools:Scroll Saw, Drill Press , Bottle Cutter

See Video!

Fans And Flywheels1

Fans and Flywheels

This is a set of patterns for the fans and flywheels seen in many of my videos.
Primary Tools:Scissors, Drill Press, Scroll Saw

See Video!

Stirling Engine Stand 1

Stirling Engine Stand

A Stirling engine candle stand. With these plans to you can make a stand to run your engine with a candle or small oil lamp.
Primary Tools: Scroll Saw, Drill Press

See Video!

Phoenix Engine Front 1

The Phoenix Engine

This well thought out engine works across a wide range of temperatures on a wood stove without stalling. Includes plans for both the Engine and the stand. Plans go along with the 7 part video series on YouTube by James Eckert, Making a Stirling Engine. The plans were developed in lock step with the videos. The intent was to come up with a simple yet interesting to watch Stirling engine made with readily available parts. Now includes custom candle stand.
Primary Tools:Scroll Saw, Drill Press , Bottle Cutter

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